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Sales Representative Resume (10+ Excellent Examples)

Sales Representative Resume – how to write one?

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Sales Representative Resume Examples or Sales Résumé are Sales professional

  • Sell retail products, goods and services to customers.
  • Will work with customers to find what they want, create solutions and ensure a smooth sales process.
  • Will work to find new sales leads, through business directories, client referrals, etc.


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What you will gain from this post?


  • An Sales representative resume example better than all other resume examples.
  • How to write your own resume that will land more interviews.
  • Then learn from real life resume samples.
  • Then tips and examples from success stories.
  • So get inspired by the success stories and motivate yourself.
  • How to place professional summary on an Sales representative resume.
  • How to put your experience, skills and education on a resume for Sales representative to land the dream job.
  • Whether you’re looking for a job change or new to job market both will acquire more knowledge.


Sales Representative Real Life Examples


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Sales representatives need excellent communication, listening, interpersonal and critical thinking, as well as being a good negotiator.

Employers prefer candidates who have a bachelor’s degree.

Majored in marketing is good for a sales representative.


What is the best format for Sales representative?


Chronological – resume template is usually in the reverse chronological order.


So you have to mention your work history in the reverse order, according to dates.


And then begin with your most current position and end with the earliest.


So most of the employers prefer this format of resume.



How to write a header for a professional?


Yes, you heard it clear. So you need to write your resume header professionally.


  • Contact number or email is must.
  • Then you should use a professional sounding email address.
  • Also you may skip the entire address and only write street name or city or state.
  • But avoid personal information on the header section like Passport, date of birth, family, siblings information or salary etc.


How to write the “Professional Summary” for Sales representative?


Below is an example of Sales representative resume where the candidate has written a wrong “Professional Summary”.

Sales Resume Example
Sales representative Resume Example


In the above example the job seeker starts with “I” which the wrong start to writing your “Professional Summary”.


Also, the sales professional has not written any concrete measurable achievement which an aspiring candidate should mention.


So the above resume will not attract any hiring manager. This resume will be rejected under few seconds.



How to write the resume “Professional Summary” for a fresher seeking  Sales representative job?


Things you can learn from this resume “Professional Summary” –


  • Then here is the candidate who shows eagerness to learn new skills.
  • So it attracts hiring manager’s attention.
  • Then her ability to stick to work ethics. So, this bring more energy.
  • Also tells the employer that she is efficient.
  • So draws positive attitude.
  • Emphasize on team work.


Here the candidate has written an objective in the professional summary section.



Andrew : has well-drafted an Sales representative resume.

The below resume brings positive vibes to the hiring manager.

sales representative resumeperfect resume


Let’s check Andrew’s job resume.


Things to learn from this resume “Professional Summary” –


  • Here the candidate shows his leadership skills.
  • So it attracts hiring manager’s attention.
  • Then his ability to strengthen relationships.
  • So, this bring more energy.
  • Also tells the employer that he is a strong networker.
  • So draws positive attitude.
  • Emphasizes on planning, business strategies and business development.




How to write the “Professional Summary” for a 5+ years seeking  Sales representative job?


But, the “Professional Summary” fails to attract the hiring manager.


Check the Sales resume below of a candidate.


Who has 10+ years experience but not able to write “Professional Summary”.



sales manager australia


With a long and successful career as a Sales Manager; the candidate fails to grab the hiring manager attention.


So the resume is rejected in few seconds.


The candidate did not mentioned any of achievements or accomplishments in terms of number or size.


It is what you can offer to the organization and how you will help it to grow.



Another  Sales resume of a candidate.


This candidate has 15+ years experience but not able to write “Professional Summary”.


If you can’t write a reasonable “Professional Summary” then your resume is never shortlisted for an interview.



sales manager 15 years experience resume




You can check more Sales resume examples here.


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Correct way to write “Professional Summary”


Read the job post and then summarize the best you have to offer to your potential employer.


So your resume summary should include the achievements or milestone.


Then you should then include the keywords.


Also include actions verbs in your professional resume summary.


So how to structure your resume summary?



Just use few lines about you and then follow it with 4 to 5 lines of bulleted text.


But never write “I, me, my” in your professional summary.


So you need to mention concrete sales figure like $100k service sold or lead successfully many events or engaged customers etc.


It is important for you to keep your resume interesting.





Things to learn from this recommended resume “Professional Summary” –


  • Here the candidate shows that he works for a global industry.
  • So this attracts hiring manager’s attention.
  • Then the ability to work in a fast paced environment.
  • So, this bring more energy.
  • Also tells the employer that he already $10 million USD.
  • Which speaks about his ability and so draws positive attitude.
  • Then clearly defines the technology know how and his ability to adapt learn new things.
  • Also shows that he has in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance.


How to write the resume “Skills” for Sales representative?


Your resume should include some soft skills which you could then offer to your potential employer.


Top “Soft Skills” the employers look for in a candidate are –


  • Organization.
  • Customer service skills.
  • Communication.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Time management.
  • Product knowledge.


Other “Skills” which are in demand are –

  • Accuracy and good attention to detail
  • An ability to stay calm and tactful under pressure
  • Confidence with IT and computer packages
  • Good organisation skills
  • Discretion
  • Good time management
  • Self motivation
  • Good communications skills, written and verbal



How to write the resume “Experience” for Sales representative?


Now work history on your resume should be in the reverse chronological order.


Tips to include experience on your resume are listed below –



  • At first you should add the most recent or the present job.
  • Then write about the job you had previously before it and so on.
  • You should include the Name of company, location and start/end date for the job.
  • The resume example below shows how the candidate has written the experience details.


sales representative experience sectionresume experience section


When a non-disclosure-agreement is signed between both parties then you can write the details Confidential.


Then you have to write few lines about your job, role and team size.


So you can opt to mention some important work assignments or projects.


But you should make use of action verbs. Use bulleted text to highlight.



How to write the resume “Education” for Sales representative?


Let’s talk about the information you should include in your educational qualification section.


Then you need to mention the name of your school or college or institute.


Also you should include if any degree or diploma or certification obtained.


Then also include the location of institution.



wrong resume example
Education Section


It is good to mention your field of study.


Then in the education section mention year of graduation, diploma etc.


Also you may add a description about your education to include any minor or other activities.


But this is for fresh college graduates only.



Some of the “Certifications”


  • Certified Professional Sales Person 
  • Sales representative certification

Additional Sections


Then you can include additional sections in your resume like –


  • Affiliations
  • Publications
  • Links
  • Conferences
  • Honors and Awards




This is a complete guide to the best Sales representative resume.


Let me summarize the points which you’ve discussed so far.


  • Carefully read the job post. Then write in bulleted points what you could offer.
  • Write your name at the top, you should use a bigger font size of your resume.
  • Then follow it with your contact details that too in a relatively smaller font size.
  • And you can add a headline to your resume.
  • Write professional summary in maximum 2 to 3 lines. Then you should include action verbs in the bulleted list below these statements.
  • But don’t forget to add some skills to your resume.
  • Then your work history should be listed in the reverse chronological order.
  • Also mention your qualification with the degree, diploma, certification if any.
  • Then you can also add technical skills if any.
  • But don’t create boring and long resumes.
  • Also stop vague writings and should concentrate on your career highlights and achievements.
  • Always remember to use power keywords for your industry.



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